The Government of Japan lately approved Dexamethasone covid-19 drug as a 2nd treatment for COVID-19 patient. The Drug approval came in after Britain showed that the Dexamethasone reduced death rates in corona virus patients.

Drug has been approved for treatment along with Remdesivir drug. A clinical trial of United Kingdom proved that Dexamethasone drug as the world first drug saved lives of COVID-19 patients.


In June 2020 ICMR approved the use of Dexamethasone drug in India. Dexamethasone was found to reduce mortality by 1-3rd of corona patients who are hopitalize and 1-5th of patients on ICU.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare ratify Dexamethasone drug as an alternative to Methylprednisolone drug (used to suppress the immune system ).

Health Ministry approved the following drugs to fight COVID-19 pandemic

  • Remdesivir drug
  • Favipiravir drug
  • Dexamethasone drug
  • Tocilizumab drug
  • Itolizumab drug

Remdesivir drug

Remdesivir drug was approved by the Central Drug Standard Control Organization for both children and adult. Remdesivir boost immunity system.

Favipiravir drug

Favipiravir mostly used in Japan to  treat influenza. This drug is used on patients with mild to moderate COVID-19 in India. It developed and manufactured in Japan

Itolizumab drug

Itolizumab drug was approved by the Drug Controller General of India. This drug developed by Biocon (Indian biopharmaceutical company).

Tocilizumab drug

Tocilizumab is expected to reduce the mortality of COVID-19 patients by 3.8 per cent. India Still has approved the drug to treat COVID-19 patient. It treat for rheumatoid arthritis and systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis, a severe form of arthritis in children. Drug developed by Hoffmann–La Roche (Swiss multinational healthcare) and Chugai (Japan).


Central Drug Standard Control Organization and Drug Controller General of India Both operate under Ministry of Health.

Japan approves Dexamethasone drug Japan approves Dexamethasone drug