Mario Draghi Italian Prime Minister has put the climate change at the centre of his plans to run Italy. PM has created a super ministry to ensure a transition to green energy drives recovery in the country. The super ministry has been established with the objective of making full use of European Union funds with respect to the climate change.

Points To Note

  • In his first move, PM will redraft the Italy’s Recovery Plan.
  • The recovery plan of the Italy has to be handed to the European Commission by April 2021 in order to get more than 200 billion euros (US$ 240 billion) of funds.
  • This amount is needed for the country to revive the recession-hit economy amid the COVID 19.
  • As per the European Union (EU) agreement, 37 per cent of 200 billion euros must be diverted towards the transition to a low carbon economy.

Mario Draghi

  • PM was a former chief of European Central Bank. Mario Draghi formally sworn in as Italy’s new prime minister on 13th February 2021 amid the deadly coronavirus and crippling recession in the country.
  • PM Mario Draghi has the support of the rainbow coalition starting from the leftists to Matteo Salvini’s far-right League.

2021 Italian Government Crisis

This political event began in January 2021 and ended in February 2021 after Mario Draghi sworn in as the Prime Minister of Italy. The government crisis include the event of the announcement to revoke IV’s support to the government of Giuseppe Conte. This announcement was made by Matteo Renzi who is the leader of Italia Viva (IV) and the former PM of Italy.

Hung Parliament, 2018

2018 general election produced a hung parliament in Italy. After several talks and negotiations, a coalition government was formed on 1st June 2019 between the centrist 5 Star Movement (M5S) and right-wing League.  However, this coalition ended after Giuseppe Conte’s resignation in August 2019. Again in September 2019, new government was formed with Giuseppe Conte as its head.

Italy gets Green Super Ministry Italy gets Green Super Ministry