The Indian Space Research and Research Organisation (ISRO) ready to launch the 1st earth observation satellite to be entirely developed by Brazil in August 2020. The satellite is known by the name ‘Amazonia-1’. The exact launch date of Amazonia-1 hasn’t been confirmed yet by ISRO, the launch will take place next month is confirmed.

India-Brazil Space Cooperation

The 2 countries-India and Brazil had an agreement signed for cooperation in the field of outer space. ISRO will be launching a micro-satellite of the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB),as a part of an agreement. This microsatellite will be for atmospheric studies.


Amazonia-1 was originally scheduled to be launched by AEB’s main satellite launch vehicle VLS-1 in 2018. But the launch with VLS-1 was canceled due to technical reasons. Amazonia-1 will now be launched as a payload of PSLV from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Andhra Pradesh’s Sriharikota.

Aim of Amazonia-1

The sources have confirmed that “the images from the Brazilian satellite will help in observing and monitoring the deforestation of the Amazon Region. And it now has a much more critical role to play after the recent fires in the Amazon Region. Also, the images will help in the agricultural and vegetation areas.”

Amazonia-1 is the 1st satellite that has been completely designed, integrated, and tested by AEB, also the satellite after launch will be the 1st satellite to be completely operated by Brazil.

ISRO launch Amazonia-1 Satellite of Brazil August 2020 ISRO launch Amazonia-1 Satellite of Brazil August 2020