ISRO (Indian Space Agency) has launched the sounding rocket called RH-560 on 12th March 2021. The rocket was launched in order to study “attitudinal variations” in the neutral winds and plasma dynamics.

RH-560 rocket was launched from Sriharikota Range’s Satish Dhawan Space Centre. Indian Space Research Organisation highlighted that the sounding rockets are one or 2-stage solid propellant rockets. These rockets are used to probe the upper atmospheric regions and conduct the space research. RH-560 rockets would also serve as easily affordable platforms which can test or prove the prototypes of new components or subsystems for use in the launch vehicles and satellites. Indian Space Agency had started launching the indigenously made sounding rockets from 1965.


Recently Indian Space Research Organisation had announced that it has planned to launch an earth observation satellite on 28th March 2021 which will provide the near real-time images of borders. This would also enable a quick monitoring of natural disasters. GISAT-1 satellite will be lifted into space by the ‘GSLV-F10 rocket from Sriharikota spaceport. The rocket will be placing the spacecraft in the geosynchronous orbit and later it will be positioned in the geostationary orbit with the help of onboard propulsion system. This orbit is about 36,000 kilometer above the earth’s equator.

About Amazonia-1

In February 2021, ISRO had launched the primary satellite called Amazonia-1 of Brazil along with the 18 co-passenger satellites with the PSLV-C51 from Andhra ‘s sriharikota spaceport. This was the first satellite of 2021 by Indian Space Research Organisation amid the coronavirus Pandemic. This is also the first commercial mission of New Space India Ltd which is undertaking this mission with the help of Spaceflight Inc. of USA.

ISRO launches Sounding Rocket RH-560 ISRO launches Sounding Rocket RH-560