Recently ISRO and French Space Agency CNES (Centre National d’etudes Spatiales-National Centre for Space Studies) signed an agreement for upcoming ISRO’s Mission Gaganyaan. According to the agreement, CNES is to help India in its first Human Space Mission called the Gaganyaan.


  • CNES is to supply with space equipment to the Indian crew. According to France, these equipment were tested and are still operating in the International Space Station (ISS).
  • CNES will also supply fireproof carry bags to shield equipment from radiation and shock.
  • Under this agreement, CNES will train Indian flight physicians and CAPCOM mission control teams in France. The training is to be held at the CADMOS centre and at the European Astronaut Centre. CAPCOM is Capsule Communicator. It is the spacecraft communicator.
  • CNES will also exchange information on food packaging and nutrition programme.

India-France Relations in Space Sector

  • Both countries share a robust ties in the area of space cooperation. The first space agreement between the countries was signed in the year 1964.
  • India is to launch joint Oceansat 3-Argo mission in the 2021. It will track movement of ships globally and particularly those ships moving in the Reunion Islands of France in the Indian Ocean Region.
  • Both countries have agreed to work on inter-planetary missions to Venus and Mars.

Agreements with the other countries

India had already signed agreements with Russia to train four astronauts for the Gaganyaan mission. India is also in talks with Australia to have a ground station for the Gaganyaan mission at the Cocos island.

ISRO France sign agreement for Gaganyaan ISRO France sign agreement for Gaganyaan