On 22nd March 2021, ISRO has announced that it has successfully demonstrated its free-space Quantum Communication for a distance of 300 metres for the first time in India. It was demonstrated at the Space Applications Centre in Ahmedabad in between the two line-of-sight buildings within its campus.

The Several numbers of the key technologies were indigenously developed to achieve this major feat. The free Space Quantum Communication includes the use of indigenously developed NAVIC receiver for the time synchronisation in between the transmitter and receiver modules. It also includes a gimbal mechanism system instead of the bulky large-aperture telescopes for the optical alignment of the system.


Indian Space Research Organisation’s demonstration of the Free Space Quantum Communication includes the live video conferencing using the quantum-key-encrypted signals. It is a major milestone to achieve the unconditionally secured satellite data communication using the quantum technologies.

Quantum Key Distribution technology

It uses the Quantum Communication technology which ensures the unconditional data security using the principles of the quantum mechanics on the basis of Laws of Physics. The Quantum Key Distribution technology cannot be used with the conventional encryption systems. The conventional cryptosystems are used for the data-encryption rely on complexity of the mathematical algorithms. Quantum Cryptography is the future-proof because no future advancements in computational power can break the quantum-cryptosystem.


Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System is an autonomous regional satellite navigation system which provides the accurate real-time positioning and timing services. The satellite covers India and the region extending up to 1500 kilometer across it. The extended service area of the satellite lies in between primary service area and the rectangle area which is enclosed by 30th parallel south to 50th parallel north and 30th meridian east to 130th meridian east. This system currently comprises of the constellation of 7 satellites with two additional stand-by satellites on ground.

ISRO Demonstrates free Space Quantum Communication ISRO Demonstrates free Space Quantum Communication