Indian Naval Ship Sarvekshak is on a deployment to Mauritius for undertaking Hydrogrpahic surveys along with Mauritius. It will also provide training to the Mauritian personnel on advanced hydrographic equipment and practices during the deployment.

About Hydrographic Survey

  • An hydrographic survey ship has visited Port Louis and commenced the hydrographic survey of “Deep Sea Area off Port Louis”.
  • This surveys help in the measurement of ocean features that affect marine dredging, maritime navigation, offshore oil exploration and drilling and other related activities.

About INS Sarvekshak

  • Hydrographic survey ship or INS Sarvekshak is fitted with survey equipment such as Side Scan Sonars, Deep Sea Multi Beam Echo Sounder and a completely automated digital surveying and processing system.
  • It operates under the Southern Naval Command.
  • The ship had earlier been deployed in Mauritius for surveys in the 2006, 2011, 2015. It has conducted Survey of Rodrigues for delineation of continental shelf, survey of passes off Mauritian coast, survey of Port Harbour.
  • The survey works of INS Sarvekshak are of immense help to the Mauritius Govt in the field of fishing, establishment of artificial reefs, ecosystem preservation and management.
  • In the year 2007, the ship surveyed Port Mathurin located in Rodrigues of Mauritius that was last surveyed more than hundred years ago.
  • The ship carries an integral Chetak helicopter. The helicopter is deployed during the survey.
  • It has also undertaken various foreign surveys along the coasts of Tanzania, Seychelles and Kenya.
  • Hydrographic survey ship was the first ship of Indian Navy to deploy solar power.

Indian Naval Ships for surveys

Indian Naval ships involved in surveying are

  • INS Darshak (hydrographic survey ship),
  • INS Sagardhwani (marine acoustic research ship),
  • INS Investigator (Sandhayak class),
  • INS Sarvekshak (hydrographic survey ship),
  • INS Sandhayak (survey ships),
  • INS Sutlej (hydrographic survey ship),
  • INS Nirupak (Sandhayak-class hydrographic survey ship),
  • INS Jamuna (hydrographic survey ship),
  • INS Makar (Makar-class of survey catamarans).

INS Sarvekshak in Mauritius for Joint Hydrographic Survey INS Sarvekshak in Mauritius for Joint Hydrographic Survey