Indian Naval Ship Rajput was the first destroyer as well as the lead ship of the Rajput class of the Indian Navy. Recently, on 21st May, 2021 INS Rajput has been decommissioned after 41 years of service by the Indian Navy.

Rajput class of ships

The Rajput class ships are a guided missiles destroyers that were built by the former USSR. Soviet Kashin class destroyers of the USSR were modified to meet the needs of the Indian Navy. Indian Navy commissioned five such ships in the 1980s and they are all attached to the Easter Naval Command of the Indian Navy.

INS Rajput commissioned

Indian Naval Ship Rajput was commissioned on 4th of May in 1980 by the then Indian Ambassador to USSR, I K Gujral. Captain Gulab Mohanlal Hiranandani was appointed as the first commanding officer of INS Rajput.

Some major operations that INS Rajput conducted

The Ship took part in various operations during her period of service. Some of them are: Operation Aman to assist the Indian Peace Keeping Force during the Sri Lankan Civil War, Operation Cactus which was undertaken to resolve the Maldives hostage crisis situation, etc.

Some of the equipment’s found equipped on INS Rajput

The ship was equipped with a variety of sensors and weapons. She was fitted with the BrahMos missile and Prithvi-III missile was also test fired from INS Rajput. INS Rajput is equipped to attack various land, anti-aircraft and anti-submarine targets.

INS Rajput Decommissioned after 41 years