Under Mission Sagar II Indian Naval Ship INS Airavat enters the Port Sudan on 2 Nov 2020. INS Airavat reached Sudan port under Phase II of the Mission Sagar.

Points To Note

  • INS Airavat (third Shardul-class amphibious warfare vessel ) carried a consignment of 100 tonnes of food aid to North  Sudan.
  • This was done under Mission Sagar India’s assistance programe.
  • Mission Sagar: India has been providing assistance to its friendly foreign countries in order to help them overcome pandemic and other natural calamities.
  • Mission Sagar Phase II, INS Airavat will be delivering food aid to Djibouti, South Sudan and Eritrea apart from Sudan.
  • Mission Sagar is being implemented in joint coordination with the Ministries of foreign Affairs and Defence Ministry.


Under the Mission Sagar Phase I India deployed INS Kesari (Shardul-class tank landing ship). INS Kesari carried food aid and medicines to countries including Comoros (volcanic archipelago), Madagascar,  Seychelles, Mauritius and Maldives.

Mission SAGAR

  • SAGAR (Security and Growth for All in the Region) mission was launched in 2015 by PM Modi under the strategic vision of Indian Ocean Region.
  • Under SAGAR Mission, India is aimed at strengthening its economic and security cooperation with its maritime neighbours.
  • India seeks to safeguard national interests in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).
  • Under SAGAR Mission, India wants to ensure that the IOR becomes collaborative, inclusive and comply with the international laws.
  • It become more significant because it further comply with the other policies of India including Project Sagarmala, Project Mausam, Act East Policy, focus on Blue Economy and India as a net security provider.

Project Sagarmala

Project Sagarmala was launched to develop ports around the coasts of India. This, in turn, seeks to promote port led development across 7,500 kilometer long coastline of the country. Under Sagarmala project, expansion of inland waterways, rail, road and coastal services is being done under the aegis of The Shipping Ministry.

Project Mausam

Project Mausam is a cultural and economic project launched by the Ministry of Culture and Archaeological Survey of India. Mausam project is aimed at connecting the 39 countries bordering the Indian Ocean in order to rebuild maritime and economic connections. It also bring together the historical and archaeological researchers for recording the diversity of economic, cultural, and religious interactions between countries. INS AIRAVAT enters Port Sudan