DM, Rajnath Singh and South Korean Defence Minister, Suh Wook (Seo Wook) (Former Chief of Staff of the Republic of Korea Army) have inaugurated “Indo-Korean Bilateral Friendship Park” in Delhi Cantt on 26th March 2021. The Bilateral Friendship Park has been built to commemorate contribution of Indian peacekeepers in the Korean War from 1950 to 1953.

Bilateral Relations

The Bilateral relations between the India-South Korea have strengthened in recent years with the convergence of India’s Act East Policy of and New Southern Policy of South Korea.  Bilateral ties have frown multi-dimensional in the fields of Maritime security, nuclear disarmament, regional economic cooperation, counterterrorism and energy cooperation.


India had played a crucial role in the Korean wars during the 1950 to 1953. In 1947, India’s first foreign secretary, K P S Menon, served as Chairman of UN Commission which was set up to look after elections in South Korea. During the Korean War, warring sides accepted United Nations resolution which was sponsored by India to call a ceasefire.

India-South Korea Diplomatic ties

India-South Korea bilateral and diplomatic ties was started in the year 1962 at the consular level. In the year 1973, the relation was upgraded to Ambassador-level.

Common Values

Both countries can cooperate on fighting global issues/challenges: climate change, freedom of navigation, internet governance, and outer space. Both countries has also the potential to develop synergies on Sustainable development goals, connectivity norms and trade agreements.

Challenges in Bilateral Relations

The countries Economic partnership is struck at US$ 22 billion. Bilateral Defence partnership has also receded from all-round promise to sale and purchase of weapon systems. The Integration of Indians with local South Korean population is also a big challenge. Indians have witnessed racial prejudice or discrimination. Indians are unable to distinguish between cultural and social characteristics of South Koreans from cultural and social characteristics of Japanese or Chinese. Though, Indian Culture Centre was established in Seoul to promote people-to-people contacts. But it has to reach an exponentially wider audience yet.

Indo-Korean Bilateral Friendship Park inaugurated