Indian Navy successfully test the Anti-Ship Missile from INS Kora (Kora-Class of Corvettes) in Bay of Bengal on 30 October 2020. Anti-Ship Missile hit the destined target successfully during test.

In 1998, Kora-Class of Corvettes INS Kora was commissioned into Indian Navy. It was designed by the Indian Navy under Project 25A. INS Kora is equipped with Zvezda Kh-35 (Soviet turbojet subsonic cruise anti-ship missile) anti-ship missiles. There are 3 warships Kora-class.

  • INS Kulish (Kora-class corvette)
  • INS Kirch (Kora-class corvette)
  • INS Karmuk (Kora-class corvette)

Recent Missiles test by DRDO

DRDO and Indian Defence Force has been frequently conducting missiles tests from land, air and water lately. On October 23, 2020, the Indian Navy released a video showing the INS Prabal (K93) (Chamak-class missile boat) launching a missile. This was a similar test as that conducted in INS Kora.

The Missile tests are

  1. RUDRAM anti-radiation missile
  2. New version of shaurya missile
  3. LASER guided anti-tank missile
  4. Brahmos missile with an indigenous booster
  5. DRDO Prithvi II missile
  8. ABHYAS Missile Test
  9. Test fire of Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle
  10. Flight Test of Naval Version of BRAHMOS
  11. PRITHVI II Missile
  12. Failed test of Nirbhay
  13. SANT Missile test
  14. Nag Missile

About Anti-Ship Missile

Anti-Ship Missile is a guided missile that is usually used against ships and large boats. They were first developed by Nazi Germany (1933-1945).

Anti-Ship Missiles of India

The Anti-Ship Missiles of India are as follows

  • Brahmos Hypersonic Cruise Missile (missile is under development). Brahmos missile jointly developed by Russia and India When India became a member of Missile Technology Control Regime in 2016.
  • Brahmos Supersonic Cruise Missile
  • Zvezda Kh-35 (Developed by USSR)
  • 3M-54 Klub Anti-Ship (It is a land attack cruise missile) (Developed by Russia)
  • P-15 Termit (Developed by USSR)
  • Harpoon (It is a all-weather, over-the-horizon missile) (Developed by USA)
  • Exocet missile (Developed by France)
  • Sea Eagle Missile (Developed by British)
  • P-20 Missile

Brahmos is becoming the primary anti-ship missile of the Indian Navy. Brahmos is the world fastest anti-ship cruise missile in operation. It was developed based on Russian Cruise Missile Technology (RCMT).

Indian Navy successfully Test Anti-Ship Missile