The Indian Naval Fast Attack Craft, IN FAC T-81, of the Super Dvora MK II class was decommissioned on 28th January 2020 in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Points To Note

  • It was decommissioned after providing service for more than 2 decades.
  • The event for decommissioning was held at Naval Dockyard, Mumbai.
  • The Chief Guest of the event was Rear Admiral V Srinivas who is the Flag Officer Commanding Maharashtra Naval Area.


  • The IN FAC T-81 is a 25 meters long vessel having 60 tonnes of displacement.
  • The craft was built at Goa Shipyard Ltd. in collaborations with M/s Ramta of Israel.
  • IN FAC T-81 was commissioned into the service of Indian Navy on 5th June 1999.
  • The commissioning of the craft was done by the then Governor of Goa, Lieutenant Gen JFR Jacob (Retd).
  • IN FAC T-81 was specially designed for shallow waters.
  • IN FAC T-81 has the capability of day or night surveillance and reconnaissance.
  • The craft was also involved in the beach insertion, extraction of Marine Commandoes, high-speed interception of intruder craft and Search & Rescue.
  • The craft could achieve the speeds up to 45 knots.
  • It was the 2nd ship of the Extra Fast Attack Craft (XFAC) Super Dvora MK II Class.

The Super Dvora Mark II-class patrol boats

IN FAC T-81 is a high-speed class of patrol boats. He boats are meant for a variety of naval missions ranging from the typical off-shore coastal patrol mission profiles to a high-speed, high-manoeuvre littoral warfare. It is built by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) for the Israeli Sea Corps. It is the successor to the Dvora-class fast patrol boats. He boats have been employed by the Sri Lanka Navy to counter the LTTE operations at sea.

Fast attack craft

It is a small, fast, agile and offensive warship that are armed with anti-ship missiles, gun or torpedoes. They are operated in close proximity to land. They lack seakeeping and all-round defensive capabilities to survive in blue water. They can reach up to the speeds of 25–50 knots.

Indian Naval Fast Attack Craft IN FAC T-81 decommissioned