The Indian Army on 11 Nov gifted 20 fully trained horses and 10 mine detection dogs to Bangladesh Army as a further strengthen bilateral ties. The mine doges were trained by the Indian Army Remount and Veterinary Corps.

Further, Indian Army also trained the Bangladeshi Army in training the experts to handle the horses and dogs. The Chief of Brahmastra Corps (XVII Corps) participated in the event. The presentation ceremony was held at Petrapole-Benapole Integrated Check Post in Indo-Bangla border.

Brahmastra Corps or XVII Corps

XVII Corps was built as a quick action reaction force to counter the Chinese Army along LAC. The headquarters of the Brahmastra Corps is located in West Bengal’s Panagarh. Eastern Command of the Indian Army operated the Brahmastra Corps.

XVII Corps usually participates in Him Vijay Military Exercise

Him Vijay Military Exercise

In October 2019, The first edition of Him Vija Military exercise was held in the high-altitude areas of northeastern state Arunachal Pradesh. It was then considered as the biggest mountain combat exercise of the Indian Army. Around four thousand soldiers participated in this military exercise.

Integrated Check Posts (ICP)

Indian Army Post, Integrated Check posts (ICP) are built along the international borders to facilitate safe movement of people and goods across the borders. These Army posts are established by the Government of India under Neighbourhood First Policy. It helps to improve connectivity and bilateral ties.

Integrated Check posts are regulated by the Land Ports Authority of India and it is operated by Home Affairs Ministry. Integrated Check posts was established under the Land Ports Authority of India Act 2010.

Currently, There are 20 Integrated Check posts in India’s international borders. Out of these, 10 posts are along Indio-Bangla border.

Bilateral Military Exercises

India-Bangladesh held three military exercises such as Bongosagar, Sampriti. Sampriti. These are Bilateral Armies Exercises. But the Bongosagar Exercises is held between the both navies. Indian Army gifts Mine Detection dogs to Bangladesh Army Indian Army gifts Mine Detection dogs to Bangladesh Army