Indian and Chinese Soldiers killed at Galwan Valley Clash


Indian and Chinese border patrols typically do not carry firearms in their disputed border zones, under mutually agreed protocols intended to prevent an inadvertent escalation of violence. Indian and Chinese Soldiers killed

Indian and Chinese Soldiers killed

But troops have engaged in hand-to-hand combat at several locations along the disputed border in recent weeks. Indian official said the previous clashes had resulted in a number of injuries to its troops.


India — China border will not be very difficult to hand for both the countries after soldiers have died in the recent clash in Ladakh.
Unless there is some major intervention by the top leaders to quickly resolve the border dispute, more clashes can follow.

USA will be tempted to comment on the recent events and perhaps Trump administration will take some action as well
Trump would not like to look weak in the upcoming 2020 U.S elections in terms of foreign policy. China has already ended Hong Kong’s autonomy under Trump administration and now they are openly attacking a key U.S strategic partner — India. Trump will have to speak up for the sake of the upcoming elections. Indian and Chinese Soldiers killed