Indian Air Force successfully test the Brahmos Supersonic Cruise Missile from a Su-30 MKI aircraft in Bay of Bengal on 30 Oct 2020.

Medium-range ramjet Brahmos Supersonic Cruise Missile hit a sinking ship with high accuracy. Brahmos Supersonic Cruise missile was launched from a Sukhoi fighter aircraft that belonged to the Tamil Nadu’s Thanjavur based Tigersharks Squadron (Tigersharks). Su-30 MKI was refuelled in mid-air before the missile was launched.


  • Rudram-1 is an anti-radiation missile and is to be inducted into defence forces in 2022.
  • Recently DROD conducted the test firing of Rudram-1.
  • Missile detects and hits enemy radiation source. 
  • It is a very few anti-radiation missiles in the world.
  • They are Rudram of DRDO, Hormoz of Iran, TC-2A of Taiwan, Kh-58 of Russia, ALARM of United Kingdom, AGM-88 HARM of United States. MAR-1 is under development in Brazil.

So far only surface to surface (S-2-S) and surface to air (S-2-A) anti-radiation missiles have been developed. The air-to-air (A-2-A) anti-radiation missile is under development in Russia.

Importance of BrahMos Missile

  • Indian Air Force has integrated with the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile for over 40 Su-30 MKI jets.
  • It has been done with an aim to bolster the overall combat capability of the Air force.
  • BrahMos supersonic cruise missile will provide Indian Air Force the capability to strike from large stand-off ranges at any target in the sea or on the land with pinpoint accuracy.
  • BrahMos supersonic cruise missile will work at any time of the day in all weather conditions.

Recent missile test by India

Defence Research and Development Organisation and Indian Defence Force has been frequently conducting missile tests from land, air and water. On October 23, 2020, the Indian Navy released a video showing the INS Prabal launching a missile. Similar test conducted on 30 Oct 2020 by Indian Navy. On October 30, 2020, the Indian Navy test fired an anti-ship missile from INS Kora in Bay of Bengal.

The other recently conducted missile test fires of India are as follows

  1. RUDRAM anti-radiation missile
  2. New version of shaurya missile
  3. LASER guided anti-tank missile
  4. Brahmos missile with an indigenous booster
  5. DRDO Prithvi II missile
  8. ABHYAS Missile Test
  9. Test fire of Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle
  10. Flight Test of Naval Version of BRAHMOS
  11. PRITHVI II Missile
  12. Failed test of Nirbhay
  13. SANT Missile test
  14. Nag Missile
  15. Anti-Ship Missile

Indian Air Force Test Brahmos Supersonic Cruise Missile