India and World Bank signed $120 million to modernise transport sector in the  northeastern state Meghalaya. The Meghalaya Integrated Transport Project aims to improve 300 km of strategic road segment through climate resilient and nature-based solutions.

Meghalaya Integrated Transport Project

Meghalaya Integrated Transport Project will help Meghalaya to emerge as the major connecting hub of trade with border countries such as Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh. The MITP project will cater agriculture areas, small scale industries, tourism, health and education centres. Presently, around 5,362 habitations in Meghalaya lack transport connectivity. It will increase access to health facilities. More than 5 thousand inhabitants of the state will benefit in the state. Meghalaya Integrated Transport Project is expected to generate direct employment of 80 lakh person days.

Meghalaya Integrated Transport Project will act as a boost to “Restart Meghalaya Mission”.

About Restart Meghalaya Mission

In August 2020, Restart Meghalaya Mission was launched on the occasion of the 74th independence day. Around 6 projects were announced under the Restart Meghalaya Mission. Government of India sanctioned Rupees 8,753 crores for infrastructure projects. The state mission will construct 13 major roads at a cost of Rupees 850 crores. Under the Restart Meghalaya mission, 400 agricultural entrepreneurs are to be provided with power tillers at subsidised rates. The mission will also boost tourism sector.

About North East road Development Projects

Central Government has been keen in improving connectivity in the North East Region to increase its trade. In 2018, Rupees 1.9 lakh crores were sanctioned to build 14,000 kilometer of roads in the North Eastern region. The speed of development activities in the region was increased by Government of India after the India-China stand off in Siliguri Corridor. It is a very narrow region between Bhutan and Bangladesh in the Indian soil. If this region is cut off, then the land connectivity with North East Region will get cut off. India has opened its inland waterways as well to increase the connectivity with the North East Region. India World Bank Meghalaya Integrated Transport Project India World Bank Meghalaya Integrated Transport Project