On 18th March 2021, India’s Department of Science & Technology announced that ‘Indo-US Science and Technology Forum’ has launched “US India Artificial Intelligence Initiative”. The bilateral initiative will focus on the AI cooperation in priority critical areas for both countries.

The Department of Science & Technology while launching the initiative emphasized on the need to scale up the Science & Technology partnership between India and USA. This partnership will help in solving the problems between the countries and overcome the barriers for growth. This partnership was done on the basis of shared values of openness, transparency and reciprocity. It also encourages the innovation that will benefit both.

About US India Artificial Intelligence Initiative

  • The US India Artificial Intelligence Initiative will serve as the platform of discussing the challenges, opportunities, development collaboration and barriers for Artificial Intelligence research.
  • It will enable the AI innovation.
  • The initiative would also help in sharing the ideas for the development of an Artificial Intelligence workforce.
  • This initiative will be recommending the mechanisms and modes to catalyse the partnerships.
  • It will also provide an opportunity for the key stakeholders in order to share their experiences, and identify new opportunities.
  • The areas like Research and development will also benefit from this partnership.
  • US India Artificial Intelligence Initiative will act as a platform for both the countries on which they would discuss the emerging Artificial Intelligence landscape.
  • It will also help in addressing the challenge of developing the Artificial Intelligence Workforce.
  • It focuses on the identifying the technical, research, infrastructure & workforce challenges & opportunities.
  • This initiative will also help in bringing together the stakeholders from the USA and India to create synergies which in turn will help in addressing the challenges with respect to science & technology and society.

India-US launches Artificial Intelligence Initiative India-US launches Artificial Intelligence Initiative