Recently India had decided to supply the COVID-19 vaccines to Canada. This decision was taken by the Indian side following a personal request made by the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau to Indian Prime Minister, Modi. PM Justin Trudeau has asked for support of India to Canada and assistance for Covid-19 vaccines in order to fight the pandemic. Prime Minister Modi has also assured the Canadian PM that, India will completely support the vaccination program in Canada.

Points To Note

  • Final decision regarding the quantum of the supplies of the COVID-19 vaccine us yet to be taken.
  • The supply of COVID-19 vaccine to Canada will be made soon following the official announcement.
  • The quantities and delivery schedules of the vaccines will be finalized soon.
  • After supplying the vaccines to many countries, India has now become a global leader to supply the COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Till date, India has supplied vaccines to more than twenty countries as a humanitarian assistance as well as on the commercial basis.
  • Canada has asked for the supply of the COVID-19 vaccines from the Serum Institute of India (SII), Pune.
  • However, India is of the view that the decision to supply the vaccines will be calibrated in accordance with the domestic production and requirement of the vaccines in India.

Bilateral relations

Recently Indian and Canadian relationship entered into crisis following the concerns raised by the Canadian PM over the ongoing farmers’ protest in India. India’s External Affairs Ministry had termed the comments made by Canada as Unwarranted. However, the PM later changed his views and commended the Government of India to hold the dialogues with the farmers’ leaders.

India to supply COVID-19 Vaccine to Canada India to supply COVID-19 Vaccine to Canada