Russian Kavakaz 2020 the multilateral military exercise, India is going to participate. Strategic command exercise organized by Russia in Astrakhan region. The Indian contingent will be represented by 150 Indian Army Personnel and a smaller number of personnel from the Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force also.

Who all are invited to take part?

Russia invite to participate in this exercise is known as Caucasus 2020 and it was extended to around 18 nations including People’s Republic of China, Iran, Pakistan and Turkey besides from the Central Asian Republics which are part of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

The objective of this Kavkaz Exercise

The main objective of Kavkaz exercise is to check the combat-readiness of the Russian Armed Forces and also to increase coordination between the participating nations. However, it has not yet been confirmed which countries are taking part in this exercise.

What is Bilateral and Multilateral Exercise between India and Russia?

India and Russia bilateral exercises such as:

  • INDRA Naval Exercise: It is a joint, bilateral military exercise conducted by India and Russia since 2003. It is meant for boosting cooperation and interoperability between the navies of both nations.
  • Aviaindra Air Force Exercise: Aviaindra is an exercise between the Indian Air Force and Russian Federation Aerospace Force. In 2014, the first such exercise was conducted and the main objective of this exercise is anti-terrorist operations. This also increases the cooperation and understanding the concept of operations between the forces.
  • TSENTR: It is a multilateral exercise that forms part of the yearly training cycle of the Russian Armed Forces. This exercise operates through four main Russian operational strategic commands.

India to Participate in Kavkaz 2020 Exercise India to Participate in Kavkaz 2020 Exercise