After a long time India has received the first commercial ship water route from Bangladesh on 9 Nov 2020. The shipment was received Assam’s Karimganj on the Protocol for Inland Water Trade and Transit route. This is a step towards utilizing the inland waterway connectivity for trade and prosperity between both the nations.

Protocol on Inland Water Transit and Trade

  • Both countries have a Protocol on Trade and Transit through inland waterways. The protocol was first signed in 1972 and renewed in 2015 under Modi Government.
  • Inland Water protocol allows making mutual arrangements for using the waterways of both India and Bangladesh for commerce.
  • The protocol now has a provision of automatic renewal after five years.
  • Recently, a second addendum has been added to the Inland Water protocol on 20 May 2020 which includes new Indo Bangladesh Protocol routes and port of call.
  • According to the second addendum, the number of Indo Bangladesh Protocol routes has been increased from 8 to 10 and new locations have also been included.
  • The number of Port of Call was increased to 11 with 2 extended Ports of Call in each country.
  • The 2nd addendum to the protocol was signed in Dhaka.

Earlier, in order to strengthen bilateral ties 7, Indian Army gifted ten mine detection dogs and twenty fully trained military horses to the Bangladesh Army. Indian Army has also trained the Bangladesh Army personnel for handling and training these military horses and detection dogs. India received first water route through Bangladesh