In the fiscal year 2021-22, Indian stocks have gained the most across the world’s top 10 countries by market value. This has underscored the strength of rally which was not affected by the covid-19 induced economic uncertainties.

Bloomberg’s data highlights that, India’s aggregate market capitalization has reached to 88 per cent in dollar terms in the current fiscal. This was recorded as the sharpest increase in the aggregate market capitalization since the financial year 2011. In the fiscal year 2019-2020, the market capitalization of India reached to 31 per cent following the nationwide lockdown wrecked investor sentiment.

Where does India stand?

Despite witnessing the sharp rise, India was ranked at the 8th position among countries with the market capitalization of US$ 2.8 trillion.

Market capitalization of other countries

The USA saw the aggregate market capitalization expansion of 67 per cent with the market capitalization of US$ 45.83 trillion while China saw the expansion of 52 per cent with the market capitalization at US$ 10.57 trillion from April 2020 till date. Canada saw the expansion of 78% with market capitalization of US$ 2.89 trillion. The lowest growth of 28 per cent was witnessed in Saudi Arabia where the market capitalisation was US$ 2.53 trillion.

Market Capitalization

It is commonly known as the market cap. Market cap is defined as the market value of the outstanding shares of any publicly traded company. It is equal to the share price multiplied by the number of shares outstanding. The capitalization can also be used as the indicator of the public opinion since the outstanding stock is bought and sold in the public markets. It only shows the equity value of the company.

India leads m-cap gains in the world’s top 10 countries India leads m-cap gains in the world’s top 10 countries