Recently two friendly nation India and Japan signed MoU to enhance cooperation in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). The Memorandum of Understanding included standardization of 5G as well. India Japan sign MoU in ICT sector

Features of the MoU

Both countries will enhance cooperation in the field of telecom security, 5G technologies, submarine optical fiber cable system to islands of India, smart cities, spectrum management, high altitude platform for broadband in unconnected areas, public safety and disaster management.

India-Japan Agreements

By September 2020, Both countries signed Military Logistics Agreement. The agreement allowed the countries to exchange supplies and services on a reciprocal basis. Japan was the 6th country with which India signed the agreement after the United States of America, France, Singapore, South Korea and Australia.

The country has committed to manufacture 30 per cent of Indian aircrafts. This will increase defence manufacturing of India.

Countries Nuclear Deal

Both India and Japan signed the nuclear deal in the year 2015. Under Nuclear agreement, Japan can supply nuclear reactors, fuel and technology to India. The Nuclear Agreement allows India to purchase nuclear reactors with more than 1,000 MW capacity. India will get nuclear breeder technology and nuclear fuel fabrication technology from Japan. India is the only Non-Proliferation Treaty signatory with which Japan has entered into a civil nuclear deal.

Bilateral Military Exercises

Both countries Armies held the first “Dharma Guardian” exercise in the year 2018. Also, the Indian Air force and Japanese Air Force held their first bilateral exercise called “Shinyuu Maitri” in the year 2018. Both countries hold Malabar Naval exercise annually on regular basis.

Maritime Domain Awareness

India and Japan defence cooperation has helped in steady progress of Maritime Domain Awareness. The Maritime Domain Awareness is the understanding associated with global maritime domain. India has 2 centres specially dedicated for Maritime Domain Awareness. They are as follows

  • IMAC is Information Management and Analysis Centre,
  • IFC-IOR is Information Fusion Centre-Indian Ocean Region

The centres are located at Gurugram, Haryafna.

India Japan sign MoU in ICT sector