‘Maritime Safety and Security’ to boost maritime relations between two countries India and Indonesia. Indian Coast Guard and Bakamla RI (Indonesian Coast Guard) have been signed a memorandum of understanding to build strong maritime relations in Indian Ocean and Java sea. India and Indonesia are historically connected and both countries navies conclude maritime exercise in Indian Ocean called “Samudra Shakti”.

Memorandum of understanding will strengthen cooperation by augmenting information exchange mechanisms. This real-time Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) will controlling and responding to incidents of piracy, smuggling, drug trafficking, illegal migration and other such maritime crimes In Indian Ocean which will bring safety and security to the region and also result in protection of our precious marine environment.

  • DG of Indian Coast Guard: Krishnaswamy Natarajan.
  • Indian Coast Guard Headquarters: New Delhi.
  • Indonesia Capital: Jakarta.
  • Currency: Indonesian rupiah
  • President of Indonesia: Joko Widodo.

India Indonesia Coast Guard sign MOU India Indonesia Coast Guard sign MOU