India and United Kingdom are in the last stages of finalising Defence Logistics Pact. India-UK Defence Logistics pact will help in reciprocal use of airfields, bases, spares and supplies. India is looking forward and is pushing towards signing the agreement in the interests of Indo-Pacific region.

India already has Logistics Pact with 6 other countries that have interest in the Indo-Pacific. The 6 countries are United States of America, Japan, Republic of Singapore, Commonwealth of Australia, France and South Korea

India-UK Defence Logistics Pact will help India access range of ports and military bases in the Indo-Pacific region. It will help India access ports and military bases from the Garrisons in the Gulf to Keeling Island in the South Indian Ocean and strategic military locations such as South Korea’s Busan and Japan’s Okinawa.

Signing the Defence Logistics Pact with the United Kingdom will help India access Naval facilities in the Atlantic. This is the first time India will get a chance to access naval facilities in the Atlantic. Also, bilateral agreement will help India counter Chinese influence in the region.

Current Access

India currently has access to the following bases

  • Busan of South Korea
  • Okinawa/Iwo Jima of Japan
  • Cocoa Keeling of Australia
  • Reunion Islands of France
  • Guam of United States of America

After signing the Defence pact, India shall access United Kingdom bases in Djibouti and Kingdom of Bahrain.

China in the Indian Ocean Region

The ports of Sri Lanka’s Hambantota, Pakistan’s Gwadar, Myanmar’s Kyaukpyu. China also has listening posts in Maldives. This strategy is being deployed by China to protects its trade interest in the major trade routes of the world. They are Strait of Malacca, Strait of Hormuz, Lombok Strait.

India’s measures

As a counter move, India has coastal surveillance systems in Bangladesh, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, Reunion, Madagascar. India is also strengthening its ties with United States of America, Japan and Australia under QUAD (Quadrilateral Security Dialogue) to counter Chinese moves. This is mainly because these countries have similar interests like that of India towards free and open Indo Pacific Region.

India UK sign Defence Logistics Pact India UK sign Defence Logistics Pact