India and EU renewed their agreement on scientific and technological cooperation for the coming five years. The Science & Technology cooperation agreement come to force since 2001 and In 2007 agreement renewed for seven years and again renewed in 2015.

The cooperation agreement was renewed at the 15th India-European Union summit for next five years (2020-25). India-EU summit that was held virtually due to covid-19 pandemic.

Water, affordable health care, energy, food, and nutrition these challenges cover under this agreement.

Further India-EU summit, discuss on advanced materials, green transport, water, clean energy, e-mobility, manufacturing, nanotechnologies, and ocean research, sustainable urban development.

India-EU Summit

Virtually held 15th India-EU Summit, Prime Minister Modi led summit form India side and Ms Ursula von der Leyen president of European Union was attend summit. India-European Union created a roadmap for next five year (2020-25).

India EU sign Agreement on Scientific and Technological India EU sign Agreement on Scientific and Technological