During the 2-day visit of PM Modi in Bangladesh, India made a deal with Bangladesh where Indian companies will develop the transmission lines of Bangladesh Rooppur Nuclear power plant.

About Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant

  1. Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant is an under-construction 2.4 GW nuclear power plant in Bangladesh.
  2. It is being constructed at Rooppur (Rupppur) in the Pabna District of Bangladesh, on the bank of Padma River.
  3. There are two units of Nuclear plants which are expected to be completed in 2022 and 2024 respectively. Each will produce 1200 MW of electricity.
  4. The Power Plant has significance as it will be the Bangladesh’s first nuclear power plant.
  5. This project is the first initiative under the Indo-Russian deal to undertake atomic energy projects in third countries.
  6. A tripartite MoU in March 2018, was signed at Moscow between India, Russia and Bangladesh for the Nuclear Power Project.
  7. It is to be built by the Russian Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation (RRSAEC).
  8. In June 2018, Infrastructure major, Hindustan Construction Company Limited. Hindustan Construction Company was given contract for Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant.
  9. Russian side is making the project on “turnkey” basis which says, the contractor will be liable for any problems that arise in the plant.
  10. It will be for the first time when any Indian company will be involved in any nuclear project out of the country. Since India is not a Nuclear Supplier group member, it cannot participate directly in construction of Atomic power reactors.

India develop Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant