Recently India has contributed $1 million to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in Near East region. This will support the United Nations Relief and Works Agency’s  programmes and services including the education, health care, relief and social services. India’s support to the Palestine is an integral part of the India’s foreign policy.

India-Palestine Relation


Indo-Palestinian relations is largely based on the independence struggle against British rule. India had recognised the Palestine’s statehood for the first time on 18 November 1988. However, In 1974, the relations between both the Indo-Palestinian formally established. After that In March 1980, the full diplomatic relation was established, India & Israel have increased cooperation in military and intelligence ventures. In 2018, PM Modi became the first PM of India to visit Palestine.

India’s support to Palestine

  • India supported Palestinian self-determination in the aftermath of the partition of British India after India got Independence.
  • India have also provided 10 million USD relief to Palestine’s annual budget once.
  • $3 lakh was provided for the construction of 2 addition floor in the Al-Azhar University and human resource development programme.
  • India had also offered 51 specialised security training slots to Palestinians during 1997-98 with an estimated expenditure of Rs 55 lakhs.
  • India offers 8 scholarships under ICCR Schemes to Palestinian students for higher studies in India and several slots for training courses under the ITEC Programme.
  • In 1998-99,  50 training slots were provided to Palestinian personnel for specialised training courses where 58 Palestinian officers completed their training.

Palestinian refugees

In March 2006, first ever refugee group arrived to India from Iraq. They were provided free access to governmental hospitals. Out of 165 Palestinian refugees from Iraq 137 found clearance to resettle in Sweden.

India contributes 1 million USD to UNRWA India contributes 1 million USD to UNRWA