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‘De-escalation’ is a tactical tool — a focused and acquired art form aimed at achieving compliance, cooperation and collaboration in many conflict situations while employing the most effective, efficient and energy-conserving methods. India China LAC standoff What is the meaning of De escalation

The dictionary defines it as-
To reduce the size, scope, or intensity of (a war, for example).
To decrease or diminish in size, scope, or intensity of something (morbid or) dangerous.

According to the Indian Army, the violent face-off took place during the de-escalation process in Galwan Valley.
Last week, Lieutenant General Harinder Singh, commanding 14 Corps, went to Moldo, across the Line of Actual Control,
To discuss the standoff with his counterparts of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.


First, disengagement in the Galwan Nala and Finger areas. Secondly, India wanted to restrict the strength of patrols. Thirdly, to reduce levels of suspicions, no patrolling at night.

Also, it was important to ensure there was no violence at faceoff points.
It was a long meeting, as expected, the translations from English to Mandarin and back taking the time.

In these situations, meetings take a long time to end, and on 6th June, it took seven hours at a bit. AFTER THAT, SITUATION WAS DE-ESCALATING The reduction in the number of troops is evident in both Galwan and Finger 4. About 20 truckloads of PLA troops have moved back from Galwan. Both sides have moved from the contentious PP 14, PP15 and PP 17 areas.


News Sources said the skirmish was triggered by Chinese Army, who after initially pulling back a little,
Came back to erect a “temporary post” near “Patrolling Point 14 (PP-14)” on the Indian side of the Galwan region along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) on Monday morning.

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers suddenly attacked the small contingent of Indian troops led by Colonel B Santosh Babu after they were challenged for flouting the phased disengagement agreement thrashed out by the rival commanders on the ground.

In the ensuing “free-for-all” brawl that began in the evening and went on till around midnight,
Rival soldiers attacked and chased each other, with many falling into the Galwan rivulet in the area located at an altitude of over 14,500-feet with steep ravines and gorges. India China LAC standoff What is the meaning of De escalationlation India China LAC standoff What is the meaning of De escalation