The current eye-to-eye confrontation between China and India is at the Pangong Tso site. The countries have ramped up their troops within the region since may

India recently came upon twin commands headquartered at Chandigarh and Guwahati and has deployed ninety,000 troops. The troop personnel ar all well trained mountaineers. the difficulty began within the patrolling of Indian troops within the border. this is oftenassociate degree on and off issue wherever one country crosses the border whereas patrolling. This happens because the border dispute is unsolved and sure border areas don’t seem to behowever demarcated.

What is the issue?
The controversial space between India and China principally passes within the land. However, the Pangong Tso lake is exclusive wherever the controversial border passes through the water.

The lake doesn’t have major military science significance. However, the lake lies within the path of Chushul approach. it’s the approach that China uses to offend territories command by India.

What ar the Fingers of the Lake?
The barren mountain referred to asriver Chenmo has palm like formations referred to as ‘fingers’. India claims that animal product (Line of Actual Control) starts from Finger eight. On the hand, China claims that it starts from Line a pair of. India physically controls up to Finger four.

About the lake
The Pangong Tso lake may be a long deep slim lake that’splaced at a height of four,350 metres within t