After India-China Standoff, Now India finally attended the 20th SCO Summit. Prime Minister of India represented at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit. This is the third summit for India since it became a member in 2017. Since 2005, India was an observer at the SCO.
Since 2017, the Indian delegation is being led by Prime Minister Modi at the SCO.

  • The 20th SCO summit was chaired by the Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  • The other countries that attended the SCO summit were Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Pakistan.
  • During the SCO summit, the leaders adopted Moscow Declaration (Moscow Conference on 30 Oct 1943.).
  • The Executive Director (ED) of the of SCO RATS made his interventions during the summit.
  • RATS Stands for Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure.

The SCO Summit also focused on issues such as Commemoration of 75th anniversary of Second World War, COVID-19 Pandemic, digital economy and countering the spread of terrorism. It also discussed Internet and Countering Drug threats.

PM Modi Stern Message to Pakistan and China

During the 20th SCO summit, Prime Minister Modi gave a stern message to the both neighbouring countries China and Pakistan. The Prime Minister of India asserted that India has had historical ties with the SCO member countries. It is unnecessary to bring in bilateral issues in SCO agenda. PM Modi also asserted that it is important to respect each other sovereignty and integrity.

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

It is also known as Shanghai Pact. Shanghai Pact is seen as a counterweight to the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). The Organisation focuses on security, trade, economic and cultural cooperation. The SCO established on 15 June 2001 in China’s Shanghai. In 2005, India was granted observer status of SCO. Later on 9 June 2017, India and Pakistan joined SCO as full members at a summit in Kazakhstan’s Astana. This time, the heads of 4 observer states such as Mongolia, Belarus, Afghanistan and Iran also participated in the summit.

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)

AIIB is a multilateral bank that was set up in 2015. Recently, the AIIB approved $750 million loan to India to fight against Pandemic.

Since its set up the Bank has lent $4.3 billion to India as of July 2020. Overall, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has approved $19.6 billion to 24 countries.

India is the largest borrower of the Bank, It accounts to 25 per cent of total lending by Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. India attends 20th SCO Summit India attends 20th SCO Summit