Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA) and Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) organized virtual meeting on “India & Russia Relations in the context of post-covid-19 pandemic global order”.

The meeting was started since 2017 and was being held annually as a matter of choice in New Delhi and Moscow. The Govt official attending the conference discussed prospective of digital technologies to activate economic relations and reforms between India and Russia.


Two Continents Asia and Africa have been the priority for India and Russia. Both Nations also a member of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation), RIC (Russia-India-Chin), United Nations and G20 forum. The council meet will also help to reviewing projects. Member countries will also help to identify new nations where the countries can begin plan joint projects.

Indian Council of World Affairs

Indian think-tank The ICWA (Indian Council of World Affairs) was established in 1943. The Indian Council of World Affairs is a member of United Nations Academic Impact.

The Ex-Officio President of the council is The V. President of India. MEA is its v. President. Headquarters in New Delhi.

United Nations Academic Impact

The United Nations Academic Impact is a wing of the UN that aligns institutions of higher education, research and scholarship with the United Nations and also with each other.

India and Russia project in Asia and Africa India and Russia project in Asia and Africa