ICMR finally approved the covid-19 A Low Cost test kit called COVIRAP. A Covid-19 test Diagnostic machine that was developed by the IIT Kharagpur. This Covid-19 kit gives close test results as produced by RT-PCR.

COVIRAP is a Low Cost test kit. test Kit determines the results within a hour. COVIRAP does not require air conditioned laboratory and thus can be set up even in the middle of a field.

COVIRAP test kit

IIT Kharagpur COVIRAP kit consists of 3 mixtures that confirm the presence of the virus. In this testing method, after the sample is inserted into the COVIRAP kit, it is mixed with master mixers and heated to a certain temperature. This phase of testing is quite common to that of the other tests.

The novelty in the test is that, the sample is heated again for the 2nd time. This is exclusive and unique and not found in other coronavirus tests. This process has been patented.

After heating the samples are put on a strip. Covid strip produces lines that reveals if a patient is covid-19 +ve or -ve. These covid-19 strips are then inserted into a cartridge from where an application uses the camera to determine whether the test is +ve or -ve. The covid-19 test results are displayed in a screen.

Features of the COVIRAP kit

The specificity and sensitivity are the 2 major factors that the ICMR looks for in every coronavirus test during the approval process. This Covid-19 test is 93 per cent sensitive and 98 per cent specific. The cost of the COVIRAP kit is around Rs five thousand. The Covid-19 tes cost to conduct a single test using the kit is around Rs 500 to 600.

The most special feature of the COVIRAP kit is that none of the components were imported.

Way forward

IIT Kharagpur is ready to transfer the COVIRAP technology to any of the private firms or startups approaching.

IIT Kharagpur develop COVIRAP IIT Kharagpur develop COVIRAP