IFFCO: Indian farmers fertiliser Cooperative joint venture Sikkim IFFCO Organics Limited recently has started the construction work of food processing units in Sikkim state. Food Processing Units is to be completed by 2021.

Under the Food Units project 2 Food Processing Units are to be constructed at a cost of Rs 50 crores (Rs 500 Millions). These two food processing units are to give a boost to the organic farming in Sikkim. With the help of these units, SIFCO is to begin Ginger trading through its agencies in Italy, Germany and other European nations. These units are to deal with Organic products alone. It will also promote Green Himalayan economy.

What was the plan?

The integrated food processing units will initially process turmeric, Ginger, cardamom and buckwheat. This is because these crops are the main production crops of Sikkim and have a huge export potential. In order to boost the export of these Products India has already signed a MoU with The United States of America, Croatia and European Union.

Indian farmers fertiliser Cooperative

In 1976, was founded now IFFCO is one of the biggest cooperative societies in India. Today there are 36 thousand Indian Cooperative Association with the organisation. The main objective of the organisation is to increase the income of farmers by increasing their crop productivity.

How Sikkim become an organic state?

In 2016, Sikkim became the first organic state. India ranks number one in number of organic farmers and number nine in terms of area under organic farming.

Indian Organic farming

The major organic exports of India are Sesame, soybean, flax seeds, rice, medicinal plants & pulses. These products are mainly exported from Mizoram, Assam, Manipur, Nagaland. The export destinies of Organic products are The United States of America, United Kingdom, Italy and Kingdom of Eswatini.

GoI initiatives to promote organic farming

National mission organic value chain development for the Northeast India was launched under the national mission for sustainable agriculture (NoMSA) and it was launched in 2015 for the North eastern region. It aims to develop certified Organic products.

In 2015, Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana was launched under NoMSA. It aims to promote soil health by adopting organic farming in North eastern region.

IFFCO Starts construction of Food Processing Units in Sikkim IFFCO Starts construction of Food Processing Units in Sikkim