ICICI Bank Limited has launched a new service named “iStartup 2.0”, to cater to the banking needs of startups and entrepreneurs. The programme for startups that takes care of their banking services as well as beyond-banking needs such as regulatory assistance, analytics, staffing, accounting, customer acquisition and digital outreach to customers, among others.

About iStartup2.0

  • ‘iStartup2.0’ is the country’s most comprehensive programme, offers customers an eponymous Current Account which is available in 3 variants–Platinum, Gold and Silver– the widest range by any Bank for start-ups.
  • New businesses (up to 10 years old) including partnerships, private and public ltd companies as well as limited liability partnerships can opt for the Current Account.
  • The startups can seamlessly open an account and get the account number instantly at the time of incorporation as the Bank has integrated its APIs with the website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
  • It offers significant convenience to founders/entrepreneurs as it saves time and efforts since they don’t have to fill details again to apply for an account. As a further convenience, the Bank sends an official to startups at a time of their choice to verify the original documents for KYC. ICICI Bank introduces iStartup2.0 ICICI Bank introduces iStartup2.0