American libertarian think tank Cato Institute and Canadian public policy think tank Fraser Institute published a Human Freedom Index 2020. The Index is a global ranking of civil, economic and personal freedom. The Human Freedom Index has ranked 162 countries based on 76 indicators of personal, civil, and economic freedoms.

India’s rank in this Index

  • In 2020 Index India has been ranked at 111th position.
  • Currently, India has dropped down by 17 position from its earlier position in 2019 index.
  • India has scored 6.43.
  • This score by India is lower than the average human freedom rating of 6.93 other countries.
  • The Personal freedom in India has been scored as 6.30.
  • The Human Freedom report has scored the economic freedom of India as 6.56.

Other ranked countries

  • In this Index, India has been ranked above its neighbour nations.
  • Pakistan has been ranked at 140th Position
  • Bangladesh at 139th Position
  • China at 129th and Bhutan at 108th position respectively.
  • The Sri Lanka has got 94th rank while Nepal has got 92nd Position
  • The top 10 countries are
    1. New Zealand
    2. Switzerland
    3. Hong Kong
    4. Denmark
    5. Australia
    6. Canada
    7. Ireland
    8. Estonia
  • European countries Germany and Sweden tied at 9th
  • Japan at 11th Position
  • The United Kingdom and the United States were grouped at 17th spot.
  • The worst performing countries in this index are Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Venezuela and Iran.

About the Index

The Human Freedom Index has been prepared using 76 indicators of personal and economic freedom. The indicators include the areas like rule of law, security and safety, legal system, religion, property rights and access to sound money.

India’s performance in other index

India has also been downgraded in several indices. In April by 2020, India was ranked at 142nd in the Press Freedom Index. India’s global economic freedom index was also downgraded by 26 spots. India also scored low indices on academic freedom and internet freedom.

Human Freedom Index 2020 Report Human Freedom Index 2020 Report