Points to Note

According to Report, The National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) is a part of Legislative committee. NPCSC has passed the National Security Law for Hong Kong on June 30 2020.

The NS Committee launch into on 28 June, on the 1st day itself the controversial Bill has fast tracked for approval, on the last day of the meet all 162 members of the National Standing Committee approved the Bill.

Beijing (Capital of China) says the law banning subversion, secession, terrorism and colluding with foreign forces is needed to return stability to Hong Kong (Chinese special administrative region) after 1 year of angry pro democracy protests.

The National Security Law of Hong Kong is expected to come into effect from July 1st 2020 onwards. 1st July 1997, the Hong Kong City was handed over to Mainland China as a Special Administrative Region from the British rule.

One country, two systems

 It is a constitutional principle of the Mainland China describing the governance of Hong Kong (Chinese special administrative region) and Macau Chinese special administrative region of China since in 1997 and 1999 respectively. Macau was Portuguese territory until 1999.

China passes Hong Kong National Security Law China passes Hong Kong National Security Law