On 21 and 22 November 2020, Saudi Arabia host 2020 G20 Riyadh summit or 15th G20 summit. The 15th edition of G20 held virtually.

The G20 Riyadh summit was organized under the theme – “Realising the opportunities of 21st Century for all”.

What the leaders discussed during G20?

  • Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi attended the G20 Riyadh summit.
  •  The G20 Riyadh summit was chaired and hosted by Saudi Arabia. From Saudi Arabia King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud led the summit.
  • The primary focus of the Riyadh summit was on an inclusive, resilient and sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • The G20 leaders discussed the preparedness to response to the COVID-19 and ways to restore jobs.
  • The leaders further shared their vision on building an inclusive, sustainable and resilient future.

When did the G20 leaders meet last time?

  • The last extraordinary leaders’ summit was held in March, 2020.
  • During this emergeny summit,  G20 leaders had developed a timely understanding among the member countries to help in containing the spread of COVID-19.
  • The G20 leaders also “made a globally coordinated response” so as to contain the pandemic.

What is G20 troika?

After this G20 Riyadh summit, Italy will take over the G20 presidency on 1 December 2020. Italy will host 16th G20 summit in 2021. With this, India will enter the G20 troika along with Saudi Arabia. G20 troika is a 3-member country committee that is chaired by Saudi Arabia.

What is G20?

G20 (Group of Twenty)is an international forum for leaders from 19 countries and the European Union. The G20 was founded in 1999 with an aim to discuss the policy so as to promote the international financial stability. G20 countries collectively account for around 90 per cent of the gross world product. The grouping also account for 80 per cent of world trade and 2/3rd of the world population. The  inaugural leaders’ summit was held in 2008.

Upcoming G20 Summit

After Saudi Arabia, Italy will host 16th or 2021 G20 Summit. The 17th G20 summit will be organised by Indonesia and India will be host 18th or 2023 G20 summit in New Delhi. After India, Brazil will be next member country to host 19th G20 summit in 2024. Highlights of the 15th G20 Summit Highlights of the 15th G20 Summit