Recently Supreme Court of India cleared the Central Vista Project that covers a 3 km stretch between Rashtrapati Bhavan and India Gate. Following this, the Heritage Conservation Committee has formally approved the construction of a new parliament building.

Heritage Conservation Committee

It is set up under the chairmanship of Additional Secretary, Union Ministry of Urban Affairs under the provisions of Section 23 in Delhi Building Byelaws of 1983 to protect heritage buildings. Only buildings in and around Delhi are governed by these laws. Similar this committees are set up at state levels as well. The local authority should consult the Heritage Conservation Committee before granting permission. The heritage buildings are graded by the Heritage Conservation Committee for developmental activities in the country.

Gradings offered by Heritage Conservation Committee

This Committee offers 3 grades. They are as follows:

Grade I: The buildings under first Grade includes buildings of historic importance. No interventions are permitted either on the interior or exterior of the Heritage buildings unless it is essential in the interest of strengthening the life of the building.

Grade II: Under second Grade buildings comprises of regional or local importance processing architectural merit or historical significance. Internal changes are allowed in these buildings. Also, adaptive reuse shall be allowed.

Grade III: The third Grade comprises of buildings that evoke architectural or sociological interest. Both internal changes and adaptive reuse of these buildings are allowed.

Applicability of Heritage Conservation Committee

The regulations of the Heritage Conservation Committee applies to heritage sites such as artifacts, buildings, areas and structures that are listed in Unified Building Bye Laws for Delhi, 2016.

Notified Heritage buildings

There are 886 buildings notified in the list. The list is prepared by the National Disaster Management Committee (NDMC), Delhi Development Authority (DDA).

Heritage Conservation Committee approved the new parliament