North Indian state Haryana emerged as the best state in the Anemia Mukt Bharat Index 2020 among all the 29 states nationwide.

Points To Note

  • Haryana was ranked at the top with an Anemia Mukt Bharat Index of 46.7.
  • For the first time, Haryana has also achieved 93 per cent of immunization in year 2019-2020.
  • Haryana is one of 11 states in india that have achieved National Health Policy targets well before 2020.
  • The institutional deliveries in Haryana have also increased to 93.7 per cent as a result of 24-hours delivery facilities.

About Anemia Mukt Bharat

Anemia Mukt Bharat an initiative of the Government of India’s Health and Family Welfare Ministry and United Nations Children’s Fund. GoI scheme has been launched in order to reduce the prevalence of Anemia nationwide. Anaemia Mukt Bharat strategy focuses on to benefit 6 target beneficiary groups, through 6 interventions and 6 institutional mechanisms. Anaemia Mukt Bharat programme is aimed at achieving the target of anaemia reduction under the POSHAN Abhiyaan.

Provisions of the Anemia Mukt Bharat

  1. Anemia Mukt Bharat provides for the supervised biweekly iron-folic acid supplementation by the ASHA for all under-5 children.
  2. There is a provision of weekly iron-folic acid supplementation for 5 to 10 years old children
  3. Anemia Mukt Bharat provides for Annual or biannual deworming for children as well as adolescents.
  4. Under the National scheme, a point of care testing and treatment is set up for school adolescents and pregnant women that makes use of newer technologies.
  5. Anemia Mukt Bharat scheme establishes the institutional mechanisms to do advanced research in anaemia.
  6. The scheme also addresses the non-nutritional  causes of anaemia.

Haryana Tops Anemia Mukt Bharat Index Haryana Tops Anemia Mukt Bharat Index