Government of India department DPIIT: Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has released the quality control norms. The New norms has been released for different leather footwear including anti-riot shoes,

New Quality Control Norms

New quality control norms would also contain imports and production of sub-standard products in india. According to the new norms, the products will have to comply with the specified standards and bear the standard mark under a license from the Bureau of Indian Standards. New norms says, items cannot be produced, sold or traded, imported and stocked without the Bureau of Indian Standards mark. Bureau of Indian Standards has been authorized to certify and enforce the goods.

Applicability of new norms

New quality control norms would not be applicable for the Footwear made from leather and other materials (Quality Control) Order, 2020. Further, it would not be applicable for the articles that have to be exported.

Points To Note

  • DPIIT has also issued norms for other goods such as certain steel items, pressure cooker and cables. 
  • Products that are included in the quality control norms include leather safety boots and shoes, sports footwear, canvas shoes rubber sole and derby shoes. 
  • New norm has also been released for footwear made from all-rubber and polymeric material and its components. 
  • Goods contains industrial and protective rubber knee and ankle boots, rubber hawai chappal, rubber microcellular sheets and PVC sandal. 

Bureau of Indian Standards

Bureau of Indian Standards is a national Standards Body control by Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution. BIS was established by the Bureau of Indian Standards Act 1986. Bureau of Indian Standards came into effect on 23 December 1986.The Minister in charge of the Ministry or Department is ex-officio President of the Bureau of Indian Standards.

new Quality control norms for leather footwear released new Quality control norms for leather footwear released