According to Scientists, ‘Supergiant‘ isopod species discovery in the eastern Indian Ocean.

A new species of Giant Sea cockroach researched by the Singapore Scientists. Supergiant species found at the Indian Ocean in Bantan. Bantan is in the southern coast of West Java in Indonesia. Singapore scientists reveal Supergiant name is “Bathynomus raksasa”.

About Bathynomus raksasa

According to Scientists report cockroaches have 14 legs and uses them to crawl along the bed of oceans in search of food. Length of cockroaches is 50 centimetres and is big for isopods (Isopods ia a Animal). The Bathynomus eats dead marine animals such as fish and whales. Bathynomus live for a long time without food.

Giant Sea Cockroaches discovered Giant Sea Cockroaches discovered