After Cold War Germany conducts warning siren testing since the end of the cold war in 1990, the whole of Germany resonated with the sound of the emergency siren as an emergency test. 10th September will now be observed as National Warning Day or Warn tag across nationwide.

What happened on 10 September?

More than 1000 of warning sirens started blowing on 10 September, 11 AM in the morning. Smartphone users also received emergency push notifications on their phone. After a long 20 minute, the drill ended giving all-clear message to the people. However, in order to prevent any chaos and panic places like, schools, Old age homes, care centres, and asylum seeker centres were made aware of it in advance. There was a chance that older might associate the siren with the war and started creating panic.

Why warning siren was blown?

Christopher Unger, President of the federal office for civil protection and disaster relief (BBK) stated that Germany has an unprepared population. We took this initiative to make our population aware and prepare them to face such a catastrophic situation in future.

Lessons ahead

In the forthcoming days, the German population will be trained on how to interpret the sound of a warning siren and how to tackle it. When the warning siren changes its pitch without any interruptions in between then it serves as a warning. A single tone for a minute without any wavering means the end of the emergency and situation back to normalcy.

How did the drill test go?

Though everything was preplanned, the drill test did not go well. Several people reported that they did not receive the emergency push notification on their smartphones. Some reported a delay in the push notification. The officials gave a reason that it was due to various alarms system installed nationwide has been dismantled after the reunification in 1991. Also, there was a huge load on the modular warning system this overload led to the delay in the receiving of the notification. Germany test warning siren after cold war Germany test warning siren after cold war