The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi was invited by his British counterpart for 47th G7 summit, The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson to attend the UK-hosted G7 summit to be held in 2021. India is one of the three guest nations alongside South Korea and Australia. The invitation is in line with the UK government’s intension to work alongside like-minded democracies to address common challenges. This year, the grouping is expected to become D10 following its expansion to include 10 democracies.

D10 Group of Countries

It was proposed by UK. Britain has proposed the formation of D10 (10 biggest democracies) by including G7 countries along with India, Australia & South Korea. D10 is being formed as an alternate to 5G equipment and technologies to avoid the reliance on Huawei. D10 aims to create alternative suppliers of 5G equipment and other technologies avoiding reliance on China.

G7/ Group of Seven

Group of Seven was formed to discuss the political and economic concerns prompted during oil crisis of the year 1973. It is a group of seven most industrialised countries of the world namely, the United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Canada. G7 was earlier called G8/Group of Eight. It was renamed as G7 after Russia stepped out of the group in the year 2014. These countries hold the largest gold reserves and are the top contributors of United Nations Funds.

Every year, the summit is hosted by one of the member country. The hosting members shall invite three more guest countries on its will. In 2020, United Kingdom has invited India, Australia and South Korea.


India and United Kingdom are currently putting their efforts to boost their bilateral relationship. This comes at a time when there is a downward side in China-United Kingdom relations. The relations between United Kingdom and China have slid to the most confrontational levels mainly because of the recent National Security Law imposed by the latter on Hong Kong. Another major irritant between the countries is the decision of United Kingdom to ban Huawei 5G Network services.

G7 summit in 2021