Recently FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) has suspended the Pakistan Football Federation and Chadian Football Association with immediate effect due to claims of outside interference. The suspension will be lifted once the relevant government decisions have been repealed.

Situation with Pakistan

A group of football officials led by Ashfaq Hussain, which was elected by the Supreme Court in the year 2018 to run the Pakistan Football Federation but was not recognised by FIFA, took over the headquarters recently and seized control from the FIFA Normalisation Committee headed by Haroon Malik. The decision to suspend the Pakistan Football Federation was prompted by the “hostile takeover” which constituted a serious violation of its statutes. Pakistan was also suspended by FIFA for third-party interference in the year 2017.

Situation with Chad

Ministry of Youth and Sports in Chad had stripped the country’s Football Association of its powers on 10th March following concerns over the way it was being run and a breakdown in communication. Last month the country was disqualified from the Africa Cup of Nations by the Confederation of African Football due to interference.

FIFA suspends Chad and Pakistan football federation FIFA suspends Chad and Pakistan football federation