Mediterranean’s fever Brucellosis has affected thousands of people in Northwest of People’s Republic of China. The infection spread nationwide after a leak from a Bio pharmaceutical company in 2019.

Bacterial infection is generally caused buy direct contact with livestock carrying the bacteria called brucella (Gram-negative bacteria). So far, PRC has not reported any fatalitites due to the disease. However, almost 1401 have tested positive to the disease.

What is brucellosis disease?

Brucellosis disease is a bacterial infection. Brucellosis results in symptoms such as fatigue, fever, muscle pain, loss of appetite and headache. An advanced brucellosis disease causes chronic symptoms such as swelling in certain organs or arthritis. According to the US Centre for Disease Control and prevention (CDC), the human to human transmission of the disease is extremely rare. People generally contract the disease by breathing in the bacteria or by eating contaminated food.

Current scenario in PRC

China’s Lanzhou there has been a leak at Zhongmu Lanzhou biological pharmaceutical company. It is a veterinary Research Institute located in China’s Gansu province. The bacteria leak occurred in late July and August 2019. The people in the Gansu are reported to have breathed in the bacteria.

The Zhongmu Lanzhou biological company has used expired sanitizers and disinfectants while producing the brucella animal vaccine. Thus, all the bacteria were not eradicated in the waste gas that was released into the atmosphere. This contaminated waste gas that contained the bacteria formed aerosols and where leak into the air by the wind.

Brucellosis in other parts of the world

In 1980s, The Brucellosis disease is said to have been common in China. There have been few others scattered instances of brucellosis disease outbreak globally. In 2008, thousands where infected with the brucella bacteria in Balkans’s Bosnia. Here the brucellosis got transmitted to humans from Sheep and other infected life stock

Brucellosis in India

GoI has formally launched the National Animal Disease Control Programme (NADP) to eradicate foot and mouth disease and brucellosis in livestock. The main objective of the programme is as follows

  • To vaccinate more than 500 million (50 Crores) life stock against foot and mouth disease.
  • To vaccinate 46 million (4.6 Crores) female calves against brucellosis disease.
  • The program aims to control the diseases by 2025 and eradicate them by 2030.

In India brucellosis bacterial  is common among livestock such as cow, Bulls, Sheep, pig, goats and buffaloes. Brucellosis gets transmitted to humans when they consume unpasteurized milk. In 2019, NADP programme was launched. Brucellosis Outbreak in China Brucellosis Outbreak in China