A Alliance of 27 members countries, European Union has joined the “Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure initiative” of India. European Union joined this initiative following its endorsement of the charter of the CDRI.

About Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure initiative

  • The international coalition of countries, United Nations agencies, private sectors, multilateral development banks and academic institutions.
  • The initiative aims to promote the disaster-resilient infrastructure.
  • The initiative was launched with the objective of promoting the research and knowledge sharing in the areas of infrastructure risk management, financing, and recovery mechanisms.
  • It also supports the sustainable development. The Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure Initiative was launched by the PM Narendra Modi in 2019.
  • This initiative was launched at the United Nations Climate Change Summit.
  • It also supports the sustainable development.
  • This initiative also focuses on developing the disaster-resilience in the ecological, social, and economic infrastructure.
  • It seeks to achieve the substantial changes in the policy frameworks of the member countries.

Why European Union joined CDRI?

European Union released its statement on 18th March 2021 that the climate-related extreme events are increasing globally. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has further reinforced the need of robust disaster preparedness. It has also reinforced the need to invest in the green infrastructure, renewable energy, energy and resource efficiency, renovation projects, large-scale retrofitting, and the circular economy.” Thus, European Union fund the CDRI as a welcome initiative to help in tackling these objectives. It will also help in implementing the 2015 Paris Agreement in a multilateral approach. Thus, the European Union joined this initiative. This initiative also aligns with the objectives of “European Green Deal” and “EU Strategy on Adaptation”. This further encouraged the European Union to join the India-led initiative.

European Union joins India disaster resilient infrastructure European Union joins India disaster resilient infrastructure