After Third wave of the COvid-19 in the European countries, on 19th March 2021, European Commission has proposed for a Covid-19 certificate called “Digital Green Certificate” covering the details regarding the Covid-19 vaccination, testing and recovery.

This decision was taken by European Commission, in order to reopen the European Union for travel in a safe, sustainable and predictable manner. The Covid-19 certificate is an approach by EU to issue, verify and accept the certificates so as to facilitate a free movement within the EU. This legislative proposal was put forward on the basis of strict respect for non-discrimination and the fundamental rights of the citizens of EU. The European commission would also allow the possibility to extend the compatible certificates which have been issued in other countries.

When it will be implemented?

The Commission has proposed to define and implement the technical framework for the covid-19 certificate at the EU level by mid-June 2021. It was proposed so that security and interoperability is property checked. The commission would also be looking towards the full compliance with the personal data protection and its safeguards.

Digital Green Certificate

The Digital Green Certificate will cover 3-types of certificates namely, test certificates (NAAT or RT-PCR test or a rapid antigen test), vaccination certificates, and certificates for persons who already recovered from COVID-19 infection. The Certificate will be issued in a digital format and well as on paper. Both the format of certificate will comprise of a QR code which will provide key information and a digital signature so as to ensure that the certificate is authentic. A gateway and support Member countries will be established to develop software using which the authorities will verify all certificate signatures across the European Union. The personal data of the Digital Green certificate holders will neither pass through the gateway nor will be retained by verifying Member countries. The certificates would be issued free of charge in official language or language of the issuing member states as well as in English.

European Commission proposes Covid-19 Digital Green certificate European Commission proposes Covid-19 Digital Green certificate