Recently, ACC Ready Mix Concrete has introduced its new low carbon range of concrete called ECOPact. It is a “Green Concrete” that has been introduced for a high-performing, sustainable and circular construction.

The ECOPact

  • The first phase was launched in Mumbai and Hyderabad.
  • ECOPact will be rolled out nationwide in a phased manner with in a few weeks.
  • It was rolled out nationwide with the objectives of enhancing the transition towards low-carbon and circular construction.
  • The innovative manufacturing process of the ECOPact will reduce the CO2 emissions by up to 100%.
  • ECOPact will also enhance the sustainable products offerings in the construction industry.
  • ECOPact is a concrete that comprises 30%-50% lower embodied carbon content as compared to the reference concrete which is designed with OPC.
  • This innovative range uses CO2 reduced binders.
  • ECOPact was manufactured using the optimized mix designs in order to reduce the carbon footprint.
  • ECOPact is suitable for all structural components ranging from foundations including elements such as columns, external or internal walls, beams, slabs, driveways and walkways.


  • The ECOPact range will help the developers to obtain the Green Points from Indian Green Building Council.
  • The concrete has superior durability and finish as compared to conventional concrete.

Types of ECOPact range products

Customers can choose the concrete on the basis of desired level of CO2 reduction and sustainability objectives.

  1. ECOPact PRIME- It offers CO2 reduction up to 50%-70%
  2. ECOPact MAX- It offers CO2 reduction greater than 70%
  3. ECOPact ZERO- It is a combination of concrete technology excellence and climate action. Thus, it offers the elimination of carbon footprint of concrete. Thus, reduces the overall carbon footprint of any structures.


ACC is one of the largest producers of cement. The company is a subsidiary of LafargeHolcim. It was established in Mumbai, Maharashtra in August by 1936.

Indian Green Building Council

The Indian Green Building Council is a part of the Confederation of Indian Industry. It was established in the year 2001. The council seeks “To enable a sustainable built environment for all”. It also seeks to make India a global leader in sustainable built environment by 2025.

ECOPact New Low-Carbon range of Concrete ECOPact New Low-Carbon range of Concrete