DRDO recently test fired a series of missile trials. It included the Derby missiles and the Python missiles. The missiles were test fired in Goa and achieved 100 per cent hits.

With this the Defence Research and Development Organisation announced that the Python 5 Air to Air Missile has been successfully added to the Light Combat Aircraft Tejas.

About Python 5

  • Python 5 Air to Air Missile is the 5th generation Python missile.
  • Python 5 built by the Israeli weapon manufacturer Rafael Advanced Defence Systems.
  • The Israeli Government began manufacturing missiles in the name of “Shafir”. Later as it started exporting missiles it selected a western name “Python” or “Derby”.
  • It is currently the most capable Air to air missile in the inventory of Israel.
  • It is beyond visual range missile. The Beyond Visual Range missiles are those missiles that are capable of engaging at ranges beyond 37 kilometer.
  • It features an advanced seeker that includes Electro-Optical and Image Infrared Homing.
  • It is capable to scan for the target area for the hostile aircraft and then locks on for terminal chase.
  • Python 5 was first used in the year 2006 Lebanon war. It destroyed two Iran made UAVs.
  • The Speed of Python 5 missile is Mach 4.
  • It weighs 11 km


  • Just like Python, it was also made by Rafael of Israel. In fact, Python 5 is an advanced version of Derby.
  • It is also a Beyond Visual Range Missile.

It is active radar homing missile. An Active Radar Homing Missile is a missile that contains a radar transceiver to find and track the target autonomously.

trial of Python 5 Air to Air Missile trial of Python 5 Air to Air Missile