On June 11, the Indian-American soil scientist Dr. Rattan Lal has won the World Food Prize for mainstreaming and developing soil centric approach in order to increase food production.


Dr. Lal’s strategy of restoring soil health has been adopted by three United Nations Climate Change Conferences. Dr Rattan Lal Indian born American Scientist wins World Food Prize

Techniques of Dr. Lal

Dr. Lal has transformed and explored techniques such as no-tillage, over cropping, mulching and agro forestry. These techniques improved long term sustainability of agro ecosystems and minimized risks of floods, drought and effects of climate change. Through his research works, Dr. Lal had proved that atmospheric carbon can be sequestered in soils.

The scientist has also invented several conservation practices that are used by farmers today effectively. This includes building nutrients in the soil, eliminating tilling to leave the soil and the carbon it contains undisturbed and agro forestry (an approach of raising livestock and growing trees along with crops).

World Food Prize

Dr. Lal will receive 250,000 US $ of prize money. He is being honoured for his contributions throughout his career that spans for more than five decades. Around 4 continents are promoting his innovative soil saving techniques.

The World Food Prize is equivalent to Nobel Prize in the field of Agriculture. Dr Rattan Lal Indian born American Scientist wins World Food Prize